Thursday, May 7, 2009

Squidoo Lens

Here is the article that is Posted on Squidoo. Its basically a movie review for one of my favorite anime movies of all time.

Patlabor: The Movie 2 was directed by Mamoru Oshii and released in 1993. The theme of the movies is very political and the cover of the movie with its giant robots is pretty much misleading. The plot revolves around terrorist attacks in Tokyo during the winter of 2002. This is a very deep movie and people who are looking for actions revolving giant robots are going to be disappointed. The animation of the movies is very well crafted because its hand drawn and the camera angles are done very well. There are some scenes such as the blimp landing towards the city with smoke coming out it that are very smooth and well drawn. The music is what really shines in this movie. It has been stuck in my head for weeks after watching the movie. The movie has great haunting melodies that match perfectly with the scenes. The music goes perfectly with the theme of the story. One of the flaws of this movie is that it can’t be recommended because the story can go over the heads of many people. The movie is designed to make the viewers think of things such as the state of government and peace in the western world. I movies throws many thought provoking questions at the viewer. It is quite a complex film to follow which many issues being tackled at once and it does a great job in making the view wonder at these question. All this doesn’t mean it a bad movie, the animation and music are just beautiful and the story is quite entertaining when you get it down to its basic. The movie very few actions scenes are truly beautiful and well directed. In the end the movie is not suited for the general public, there is too much talking, the story is a little too complete and for some people there might not be enough action, but for people who are interested, it servers as food for the though. It’s beautiful and eerie.

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